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Kong Mien Ho


Kong Mien Ho was born in 1948 in the South Chinese Guangdong province. He grew up in his village of birth, surrounded by beautiful mountains and crossed by a clear river, which had a lasting influence on his love for nature and desire for balance and harmony between people and the environment. In his village, as in most Chinese villages, there was a wide variety of Chinese martial arts being practiced, which he came into contact with at an early age. From his eight he learned the internal Wushu styles and Taji Quan Yang Style from his uncle and nephew.

At the age of 16 he started learning Pack Mee Pai with grandmaster Lie Sai Keung. Accompanied by this grandmaster, he deepened himself into different aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, in special the treatment of injuries and bone fractures, by means of herbs and massage (Tui na). At the age of 20 he got permission to start an own school.

Besides Pack Mee Pai he kept practicing Taiji Quan during his teens. To study further he returned to China in 1986 to take lessons from grandmaster and historian Gu Liuxin in Shanghai. This recognized grandmaster is an expert in different styles like Yang, Chen and Wu. With Gu Liuxin Kong Mien Ho perfected his Yang style Taiji Quan.

In 1987 he became a student of master Feng Zhiqiang, a grandmaster in the Chen style and the last grandmaster of the old generation. Up until the death of Feng Zhiqiang on May 5th 2012, Kong Mien Ho used to return on a regular basis to the grandmaster to improve and study further in Taiji Quan.

From the practice of Pack Mee Pai and Taiji Quan he started at the end of the eighties to deepen himself even further in the art of Qi Gong. For this purpose he followed lessons from different grandmasters in both Buddhist, Taoist and medicinal Qi Gong. Today he practices both the hard (focused on martial art), as the soft Qi Gong forms (especially for medical purposes). At the moment he has a practice for Qi Gong Tui Na treatments in Amstelveen. He also takes care of guest lectures at the education of physiotherapy at the "Hoge school van Amsterdam".

Since 1975 he teaches in the Netherlands, but everywhere in the world you can find his students, among other places Belgium, China, Israel, Japan, Mexico and Switzerland. In the eighties and nineties he was the coach of the national Wushu team of Belgium and accompanied the athletes during the European and World championships. Kong Mien Ho trains people that want to be the best in the world with Wushu and Taiji Quan, but also regularly visits schools of his students where he gives workshops and lectures.